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CIV LED Lighting Solutions is a leading distributor of a wide range of high-quality LED products.

At CIV LED Lighting Solutions, we pride ourselves on our extensive industry experience, our exceptional process and our strict quality control standards which result in the superior selection of quality LED products that we are known for.

All our LED products have been manufactured in anti-static, dust-free and high-tech workshops which means that when you purchase a CIV LED Lighting Solutions product, you can be assured of an item that is an intelligent solution for all your LED energy requirements.


CIV LED Lighting Solutions offers the most flexible and adaptable lighting product, well-suited for a range of commercial and residential applications.

They are best suited for a variety of projects including offices, retail space, shopping centres, hotels and residential kitchen areas.

Energy Star

Our company is honoured as the best and reputed energy star certification company in the market.


A lighting audit is basically a study of building’s lighting energy usage.


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Project Management

Project management is one of the breathtaking tasks and it is very tough to deal with its complexities.

Partners with best
Licensed Electrical Contractor

CIV LED Lighting Solutions partners with the best licensed electrical contractor in the market.

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