All You Need to Know About Lighting

Why is it essential to conduct lighting audit?

Lighting audit is a preliminary action for several reasons. For industries, it helps in determining the right light levels for the different work areas. For commercial and office space, this audit will help you in knowing whether one area may benefit from linear indirect pendant office lights and another area might be the best for recessed troffer retrofit kits. Lighting audits basically helps in saving money and energy by determining the best solutions. Moreover, with the help of this facility over lighting and under lighting scenarios can be corrected.

How to conduct a lighting audit?

Lighting audit can be conducted in different ways but most lighting audits are done in-house. A simple lighting audit form can be used with only a few different types of light fixtures. This form helps in capturing the relevant details and provides a space where user can track counts by area along pertinent notes. It is advised to choose the best lighting audit company for conducting such audits.

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