Energy Star Certification

Our company is honoured as the best and reputed energy star certification company in the market. The quality of our products is highly acknowledged by our clients and thus it is perhaps the most important reason of our rising popularity. All products offered by us are energy star certified.

Prompt Services

We are not only famed for energy star certification but also noted for rendering prompt and instant services to our clients. We never put your orders on hold and thus your ordered product will be delivered within promised time. Owing to our quick services, we are appreciated among our customers.

Why choose us?

Market is full if competition but choosing us is beneficial for you due to several reasons. First of all, our products meet the energy performance standards set by EPA. Secondly, our services and products are available at cost effective price which you can easily afford.

Lighting Audits

A lighting audit is basically a study of building’s lighting energy usage. This audit is conducted to know the record of all energy uses and to determine the areas which require lighting improvement. We are honoured as the leading company which helps you to perform such audits.

Cost Effective Services

Being one of the leading and reputed lighting audit companies in the market, we understand the value of money and thus offer cost effective services to our clients. Our price will surely not hurt your pocket much and thus you can afford our services without shaking your financial budget.

Why lighting audits are important?

Lighting audits holds special importance in lighting upgrade process as this audit helps you to know about the weak areas which need improvement and its maintenance cost. It basically helps you to determine the status of your current lighting energy situation so that you can make further planning accordingly.

Project Financing

Are you looking for well known project financing company in the market then your search ends here as you have reached the most appropriate place to find the same. We are the best personal finance company which offers you all kinds of finance solutions for each and every project.

Best financial consultants

Being the best known project financing company in the market, we boast dedicated and excellent financial consultants who know to how to deal with all kinds of situation and how to find their relative solutions. Our professionals are highly committed to their work and thus offer best project finance solutions to you.

Why selecting us is beneficial?

We are termed as the leading, reliable and best project finance company in the region and thus pitching on us will surely prove beneficial. We are available at your service 24/7 and thus you can seek our help anytime. Moreover, we are backed by huge experience and thus how to deal with obstacles easily.

Project management is one of the breathtaking tasks and it is very tough to deal with its complexities. Our company is honoured as the leading project management company that advice on and executes company’s complex initiatives. Visit our website and seek our services now.

Rich industry experience

We have an expertise in offering outstanding project management service for all kinds of projects. Our company possess huge industry experience and thus know what types of services are required for your project so as to complete the same smoothly. Our experience makes us stand apart from the crowd.

Why choose us?

We are honoured as the leading and well known project management firm in the region. We render best project management services to our clients and that too reasonable price. Our firm houses best project management consultants who know how to offer incredible solutions and trusted services.

Partners with best Licensed Electrical Contractor

CIV LED Lighting Solutions partners with the best licensed electrical contractor in the market. We are full service electric company which offers all electrical solutions to our clients. Moreover, we are certified and thus offer safe and environment friendly services. Visit our website and browse our offered services right away.

High quality at reasonable price

We, being partners to the best electrical contractors, offer you the excellent electric installation services and that too at budget friendly price. Our price will surely not hit your pocket hard. We never make any compromise with our quality just to earn more profit. Use our service once and we’re sure that you’ll visit us again.

Why us?

We are honoured as partners to the prestigious electric installers in the country. We are driven by the team of experienced professionals who know how to overcome obstacles and perform task effectively. Moreover, we are partner to licensed electrical contractors and thus choosing us is advantageous as well as safe.